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Friday, January 23, 2009

Voter Education Time

I listen to WBT 99.3 out of Charlotte to the Tara Servatius show. Today while listening a guy called in and said that "It was all over" in reference to Barack Obama becoming president. He felt like Obama was going to ruin our country and there was nothing to be done. I was shocked and decided to call in. If he does not like the president then he has four years to do something about it. We do not give up on something we believe in. We fight for it. I waited for a while before I got on and I shared my feelings. Tara said that guys like him were in the minority. I was glad to hear it. She went on to say that we need to educate others about the issues and about what is going on in our government. So being a teacher I have decided to do just that.

We have a new president. I didn't vote for him. The reason I did not vote for him is simple. For me it is about one issue. If the candidate agrees with me on it then I can consider their other platforms. That singular issue is abortion. I am against convenient abortion. That is an abortion someone has because a baby would not be convenient in their life right now. I am no doctor and I am sure situations may occur where the life of both the mother and the baby may be in issue. I am a christian and I understand the concept of sacrificing one life to save another. In our contry abortion is far too common a thing. I do not condem any woman who has had an abortion. I blame misinformation and decietful doctors. I have read about the development of the baby and I can tell you that abortion is not the simple procedure it is portrayed as. A life is being destroyed when an abortion is done, except in this rare case where even being torn from the womb could not destroy. I implore you to not take my word for what abortion is. Research it yourself. Make your own decision.

For me my decision is simple; as a former fetus I will always oppose abortion.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sloppy Snow Time

If you visit Kelly's blog then you know that she has planned out dinner for the week. Tonight she made sloppy joes. They were very good. The night before she made pork chops and noodles. I have no pictures because it was so good I could not stop to take pictures.

I do however have pictures of what me and Clara did last weekend. We went snow tubing at Moonshine Mountain. We went all the way to the top first and then rode down the middle slope. I held onto Clara's tube. She enjoyed it for about two seconds. Once we went down the first slope it sped up significantly. Her face went from smiling to absolute terror. I found out later that speeds were up around 35 mph because of the cold. We downgraded to the "bunny slope" after that. She loved it and would have stayed until we succumbed to the freezing temperatures.

The slope on the far right is the bunny slope. We went down the middle one first.

Believe it or not but this is her smile and not the look of horror.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Game Time

I like to keep up with brain research. Sometime the research done on the brain is really bizarre. For example this study shows that tetris can help people forget traumatic experiences. Imagine if this pans out. Part of the gear that people responding to accidents might be a gameboy with tetris on it for the survivors so they can better cope with the tragedy. That would be weird.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Lindy Time

Lindy's favorite thing to do is pillow fight. All I have to do is mention it and she starts clearing a space and grabbing pillows. The funny thing is that she is so floppy. Sometimes when I pick her up she will go limp and it is like trying to hold jello. Her bones just go liquid. It is really funny.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Time to Eat!

If you did not know Kelly is a creative and fantastic cook. Look at the delicious meal she made the other day and guess what it is.

Okay think you know what she made. If you guessed hamburgers with fries and green beans you would be partly right. The burgers are made from black beans. For our anniversary in 2007 we went to Biltmore Estate for the day. We ate lunch there and Kelly had a chicken salad sandwich and I had a black bean burger with avocado mayonnaise and pineapple salsa. I know it is not your normal fare, but how could I pass up having such an interesting meal. For the record it was great. One of the best meals I have ever had at a restaurant. On the other hand Kelly's chicken salad was not very good. We had some left over black beans and rice that Kelly had made. She made them into patties and was sauteeing them with olive oil when I walked in the kitchen. I saw them and thought they were burgers until she told me otherwhise. The girls ate it and never knew the difference.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Crazy Clara Time

I have read that kids have roles that take on according to their birth order. The oldest is a leader, the middle a mediator, and the youngest a comedian. Well I think all my kids want to be comedians. Especially Clara who is so funny sometimes. She loves to act silly and these pictures prove it. I don't know where she gets it from. ;-)

Then she has a creative side. She and her Grandma Cox made a cake while she was at her house.