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Sunday, August 17, 2008

30th Birthday

Kelly gave me a surprise birthday party yesterday. I completely did not see it coming. Well I was a little suspicious the day of, a few things tipped me off. Even with a little suspicion I never suspected anything on the scale that she had. She invited all my friends and had an awesome pirate theme set up. It was amazing. The most amazing part was that she kept it a secret for so long, two weeks, and Clara kept it a secret for that long also. How amazing is that. I am humbled by it all.

Thanks to all my friends and family who came to the party and made the day truly special. It was the best birthday ever. Not just the best for me out of the thirty I have ever had, but the best for anyone anywhere to have.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talk like a pirate. arrrr

Today is my birthday! Last night Kelly gave me a present. She gave me a shirt for talk like a pirate day and a bumper sticker. If you never heard of talk like a pirate day you can read about it here. It is every September 19th and I think it is pretty funny. Me an girls like to be pirates in the pool. They make pretty good pirates. They are about as destructive as pirates and their eating habits are the same. All they are missing are the peg legs and hook hands. What a great birthday. Arrrrrrrr!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Early Birthday Present

Kelly gave me my birthday present early yesterday. She could not wait to give it to me. It was an Ipod touch. It came in the mail while she was with her sisters and mom at A Day in the Country for Katie's birthday. I set it in front of the computer and waited. I really wanted to open it, but I did not want to ruin Kelly's gift that way. I could not believe she let me have it early. It is awesome. It is everything I wanted. I can listen to music, watch videos, look at pictures, surf the net (if wifi is available) etc. With the app store I can do even more if I wanted. Awesome! What a great wife I have.