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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Yard saleing

I went yard saleing yesterday in Spartanburg. We left Gaffney at 6:15 and hit some great sales. First we went to a church sale, then various yard sales, and an estate sale listed at Momma's moving out. It is always great fun to go yard saleing with my parents. We had a good time. We had some great buys and I feel the need to document my purchases for posterity.

$3 Nerf Buzzsaw
$.25 Nerf Night Finder
$1.75 Tibetan Singing Bowl
$.25 Pole sprinkler
$1 The Choice by Nicholas Sparks
$3 Bernzomatic TS2000 Self Lighting Torch and propane tank
$.50 Leather binder with handles
$.25 Mini Hawaii mug
$1 Stone flower ring
$1 Bubble gun

My mom also bought a fish thing for Charlie's crib and my Dad bought this plastic spear thing because he thought it would be funny for me to come home with it.