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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bat Time

I have a shed where I keep my tools and building materials. It is often a mess. I have had many creatures sneak into the shed; several mice, a bird, various spiders, a snake, and currently a bat. I was cutting wood for the kids swing when I saw it sleeping in the rafters.

Creatures of the night must distort my camera because I could not get a clear picture.

I thought about killing it. I do not like creatures trespassing into my domain. Then I decided that if I hit it with a shovel and did not kill it I run the risk of needing a rabies shot, or of being bitten and gaining bat powers. It could be a radioactive bat.

We do live next to this.

However knowing my luck I would end up like this guy.

I guess he is happy, because he is laughing his freaky bat head off, but I could not afford to replace clothes every time I went batty.


kellyn2girls1boy said...

hope you don't turn into that guy or I will have to make you sleep out in the shed with the bats!

grey said...
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